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In this episode, we take a break from interviewing entrepreneurs and switch gears to get into a head of one of the investors in the industry, Justin Norden.

Justin is a Partner at GSR Ventures where he focuses on early-stage investments in digital health. Prior to GSR Ventures, he was CEO and co-founder of Trustworthy AI which was acquired by Waymo (Google self-driving). He worked on the healthcare team at Apple, co-founded Indicator (an NLP based platform for biopharma decision making), and helped start the Stanford Center for Digital Health.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The Healthcare Thesis at GSR Ventures
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Digital Therapeutics
  • Stand-alone DTx (biotech-like pipelines) vs. Drug+ DTx
  • What it would take to scale existing Prescription Digital Therapeutics
  • The Role Of Health Coaching alongside AI automation
  • The Drivers of Success Going Forward for the Digital Therapeutics Market

Guest Links and Resources:

  • Connect with Justin Norden on LinkedIn | Twitter
  • Visit

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