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In this episode Eugene Borukhovich sits down with Ameya Phadke, Ph.D., Patient Non-Pharma Solutions Leader at Chiesi Group. Join them as they delve into the world of digital therapeutics and explore how pharma companies are embracing digital health to revolutionize patient care.

Topics include:

  • The Chiesi Group’s History: Discover the largest international pharmaceutical Group certified as a B Corp, with a rich history spanning over 80 years, and their focus on respiratory diseases, special care, and rare diseases.
  • Pharma Moving into the Digital Health Space: Gain insights into how Chiesi Group recognized the need to go beyond medications to deliver impactful outcomes for patients, leading them to explore the digital therapeutics field.
  • The Kaia Deal: Learn about Chiesi’s partnership with Kaia and their shared vision to address the access gap in pulmonary rehabilitation through digital solutions, exemplifying the power of collaboration and building something impactful together.
  • Standalone Digital Therapeutics vs. Disease Management: Understand the importance of both standalone digital therapeutics and disease management platforms in the patient journey, with each serving unique purposes and addressing different aspects of care.
  • Chiesi’s Partnership with Aptar: Explore Chiesi’s collaboration with Aptar, aiming to make disease management practices more accessible to patients by bringing services to their fingertips, ultimately empowering patients and enhancing respiratory care.
  • Challenges of Drug+: Reflect on the challenges and opportunities that arise when combining digital therapeutics with pharma, including the need to align the mechanism of action with desired outcomes and the importance of identifying viable use cases.
  • The Future of DTx after Pear Therapeutics: Gain insights into the evolving digital therapeutics landscape and the enduring mission of Chiesi Group and other companies to leverage digital solutions to improve patient lives, regardless of market trends.

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