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In this episode of DTx Podcast, Eugene Borukhovich sits down with Acacia Parks, Founder of Liquid Amber Consulting. Liquid Amber helps digital health and DTx companies support the claims they want to make using scientific evidence, in the ways that will be compelling to the audiences they care about.

Topics include:

  • A Day in the Life of a Chief Science Officer: Gain insights into the role of a Chief Science Officer before Acacia Parks ventured into her own entrepreneurial journey, and get a glimpse into the challenges and responsibilities involved in the position.
  • Liquid Amber: Uncover the story behind the name “Liquid Amber” and explore the mission and vision of the company.
  • Evidence Generation Process: Dive deep into the process of setting up the right processes and PDT vs non PDT.
  • Active Ingredients in DTx: Discover how active ingredients play a crucial role in both molecular-based and software-based interventions.
  • Pro Tips for Regulatory Approvals: Acacia Parks shares her expert advice on getting regulatory approvals for DTx. Learn what companies should do before, during, and right after the regulatory process to streamline the approval journey.
  • Being a Patient on Freespira: Get a firsthand perspective as Acacia Parks walks us through her personal experience using Freespira.

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