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In this episode, Eugene Borukhovich sits down with Aaron Gani, Founder and CEO of BehaVR. BehaVR translates proven science into immersive and engaging XR therapeutics for mental and behavioral health.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Origin Story: Aaron Gani shares the origin story of BehaVR, starting from its inception in 2016 and the inspiration behind creating immersive XR therapeutics for mental and behavioral health.
  • Funding Journey and Milestones: Walk through BehaVR’s funding journey, uncovering the key milestones achieved with each funding round and how it has shaped the company’s growth and impact in the digital therapeutics landscape.
  • Patient Journey Using VR: Gain insights into the end customer experience offered by BehaVR, highlighting the effectiveness of immersive therapeutics in supporting mental well-being.
  • Scientific Hypothesis and Evidence Generation: Explore the hypothesis that BehaVR is built upon and learn how their evidence generation journey is proving the effectiveness of their immersive XR therapeutics, showcasing the power of mind-body connections.
  • Merging with OxfordVR and FDA Approval: Discover the decision-making process behind BehaVR’s merger with OxfordVR and their journey towards FDA approval.
  • Business Hypothesis and Scaling Plan: Delve into BehaVR’s current business hypothesis and explore their scaling plan.
  • Partnership with Sumitomo Dainippon: Aaron expands on BehaVR’s partnership with Sumitomo Dainippon and discusses the commercial arrangement that led to this collaboration.
  • Access to Care: Explore the accessibility of virtual reality therapy and its role in improving access to care for patients.
  • Pear Therapeutics and the Future of PDTs: Aaron shares his thoughts on Pear Therapeutics and discusses the future of Prescription Digital Therapeutics (PDTs), providing insights into the evolving landscape of digital therapeutics and its potential to revolutionize mental health care.

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