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In this episode of the DTx Podcast, Eugene Borukhovich hosts Philip Heimann, CEO of Vivira, a prominent player in the DTx landscape in Germany.

“The genesis of Vivira was the need for personalized movement therapy – we wanted to provide people with a solution that was made just for them,” says Philip.¬†

This necessity led to the development of an innovative digital therapeutic solution that has made a significant impact in the market.

Eugene and Philip dive into the profound impact of the DiGA law in Germany, passed in 2019, on Vivira’s market growth. This legislation enabled general reimbursement and physician involvement in prescribing the app, marking a pivotal turning point for the company and the broader DTx landscape in Germany.

In addition, Philip sheds light on the challenges faced by DTx startups in understanding the market complexities and securing suitable funders. He stresses the importance of selecting investors who can offer long-term support and emphasizes the significance of focusing on long-term goals and building high-value companies.

1. [05:30] What challenges did Vivira face in the early stages, being almost exclusively angel-funded, and how did this contribute to the development of their DTx solution?

2. [10:45] What pivotal role has the DiGA law played in enabling Viveira’s growth in the market, and what are the implications of this legislation for other DTx companies in Germany?

3. [15:20] How has Vivira’s approach of not starting in the direct-to-consumer market and focusing on the DIGA prescription model influenced its journey and success in the DTx space?

4. [20:10] What is the significance of high-quality clinical evidence, particularly RCT studies, for achieving permanent listing under the DiGA law?

5. [25:40] What are the challenges and potential solutions regarding the activation of digital therapies prescribed by doctors?

6. [30:15] As a serial entrepreneur, what critical advice does Philip have for DTX startups in navigating the complexities of the market and choosing investors?

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