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Dr. Amir Kalali is a highly respected member of the global community in life sciences and clinical research. In fact, for 5 of the years between 2005 and 2012, PharmaVOICE magazine named him as one its 100 most inspiring leaders in the life sciences as voted by his peers. Dr. Kalali was Global Head of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence at Quintiles IMS. He was responsible for the enterprise-wide strategy for neuroscience, encompassing drug development and healthcare services.

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He is also a Professor of Psychiatry at University of California San Diego, Editor of the journal Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, and Faculty at Singularity University and BART X Medicine. He has authored over 200 peer-reviewed publications, and he advises several companies such as AI Cure and Bracket. He’s the chief curator and chairman of the CNS Summit, which is an event that we talk about on this conversation.

As you’ll hear on this interview, Dr. Kalali is really passionate about accelerating and improving the success of medical research through collaboration and innovation – two things we talk about a lot on this platform.

Today's Topics

  • Insights on the changes in clinical research, the improvements in technology, and comparison from past to present
  • How clinical research and health care react to changes in innovations and lag other industries.
  • How health is the new horizontal and touches all aspects of technology from cars to home appliances.
  • The evolution of healthcare space in CES and what caught Amir's interest.
  • Current and future projects and collaborations.

Links and Resources Mentioned

Lightning Round Answers

1- What is a saying, quote or phrase that motivates you?

“The harder I work the luckier I get.”

2- What advice do you have for others working to innovate in healthcare?

“Always start with the patient in mind. Also, we need to take into account the provider experience.”

3- What book do you recommend to our listeners?
The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google by Scott Galloway

If How-To's Were Enough We Would All be Skinny, Rich and Happy by Brian Klemmer

Chaos Monkeys by Antonio García Martínez

Leading Well from Within: A Neuroscience and Mindfulness-Based Framework for Conscious Leadership by Daniel Friedland

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4- What’s the best tech that makes your life better and easier?
ITA software

Sony WF 1000x

Battery Cases for Mobile phones

5- If I gave you a check for $5 million for you to invest in health technology today, how would you invest it?

I would think about how to facilitate behavioral change. I think digital health is more about behavioral change than people think and if we can help people have behavioral change through technology we can impact all chronic conditions.

6- We make a contribution to a charity in appreciation of your time on the show – what charity have you selected and can you tell us a little about what they do?

Save The children In the U.S. and around the world, we give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When crisis strikes, we are always among the first to respond and the last to leave. We do whatever it takes to save children, transforming their lives and the future we share.

CNS Summit 2017

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