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Dan Kendall – Host & Founder

Dan Kendall is the founder and managing editor of Digital Health Today. His career has spanned 25 years working in the US, Europe and Middle East where he has worked with health tech, medical device, pharma and tech companies to advance their product development and commercialization strategies. As an engineer and sales professional, Dan has worked to develop, launch and scale innovative products and solutions that provide effective and innovative solutions to real-world problems. As an entrepreneur and business leader, he knows firsthand what it takes to start a new business, build a team, and compete in the global marketplace. On Digital Health Today, Dan leverages his experiences to help great leaders, innovators and organizations share their stories and connect to users, investors and other stakeholders. Tune in to his conversations with guests from around the world and become a part of the global digital health community. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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