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Imagine this: You’re the founder of a digital health startup. You’ve been carefully selected and invited to participate in a brand new accelerator in Barcelona. At the start of the year, you say goodbye to your friends and family, you find a place in Barcelona to call home, and you focus on growing your business with the mentorship and support of one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. 

And then, COVID-19 happens. 

How does that impact your strategy? How will it affect your success? And will the fight you wage for survival have an impact the healthcare sector at large?

In this Coffee Talk we speak with Carlos Gallardo, the CEO and Founder of CG Health Ventures and a board member at Almirall. He has invested personally in about a dozen companies – including Washington DC-based Babyscripts, whose co-founder Juan Pablo Segura was a guest on episode 67. Carlos is based in Barcelona, and he often takes an active role in helping his companies develop their product market fit. 


At the end of 2019, Almirall selected and invited 4 companies to participate in their first cohort – aka “First Harvest” – at the Digital Garden in beautiful Barcelona. Like all things in 2020, the plans had to change to adapt to our new reality. In the face of this global crisis, the startups have embraced and benefited from opportunities that no one predicted in January. And Almirall itself has benefited from the Digital Garden as well.

In October 2020, Almirall launched their call for their second cohort – or, as they like to call it – their “Second Harvest.” 

Find out more by visiting the Almirall Digital Garden Website. Applications are open until October 31, 2020, so don’t delay.

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