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With an ever-growing number of connected devices around the world, the power to leverage their data is increasing at an exponential rate. Manufacturers and developers know this, and many provide APIs and SDKs to provide the flexibility and control to provide beta testing tools, analytics, and advanced capabilities and integrations. Use these tools to rapidly connect devices and partner services, and reach customers around the world using these powerful and scalable platforms.

The following list includes some of the most popular APIs and SDKs as nominated by our listeners. Click here to download a complete listing of all the links. If you would like to add a new tool to the list, please email hello[at], or use the form on our contact page.

Developer index of APIs and SDKs


When you sign up as a Registered Developer, you’ll have access to the API, documentation, code samples, and validation resources to enable your device or application to integrate with Allscripts ambulatory, acute, and practice management solutions. Our Unity API is implemented as web services, so if your language supports POSTing JSON or SOAP/XML over HTTPS, you can get started with Unity right away. Our tools are not language-dependent, and our partners have already deployed a number of successful applications written in Java, C#, Ruby, and more.


Health tracks it all with the help of a new API called HealthKit. From your blood pressure to your respiratory rate, this app aims to be a new sort of digital medical record keeper that you control. It does do the traditional fitness tracking tricks like monitor your activity and your sleep. However, it's also set up to be a repository of information about your general health, and Apple enlisted the help of the Mayo Clinic to make this work better.


The Doximity login and verification API enables physicians to quickly register and sign in to third-party applications using their Doximity account. Once logged in, information from the user’s professional profile (such as state licenses and board certifications) can be shared with your application.

Entra Health

The MyGlucoHealth Meter from Entra Health Systems is the world's first FDA Cleared integrated Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter. With rapid testing results available in 3 seconds or less, smallest blood sample size (0.3 microliter) and automatic coding of test strips, the MyGlucoHealth Meter is the most technically advanced diabetic patient care product on the market today.


If you haven't considered how to integrate your solution with social media, here's a great place to start: FbStart. FbStart is a new program from Facebook designed to help early stage mobile startups build and grow their apps. FbStart provides startups with an exclusive community, worldwide events, mentorship from Facebook, and up to $80,000 in free tools and services. This platform is open to developers of all types of solutions, and offers some excellent opportunities for innovative developers in the health sector.


OpenFDA is an exciting new initiative in the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Informatics and Technology Innovation spearheaded by FDA’s Chief Health Informatics Officer. OpenFDA offers easy access to FDA public data and highlight projects using these data in both the public and private sector to further regulatory or scientific missions, educate the public, and save lives. What does it do? OpenFDA provides API and raw download access to a number of high-value structured datasets. The platform is currently in public beta with one featured dataset, FDA’s publically available drug adverse event reports.


iHealth’s open API enables a connection between your application and user data collected iHealth products, such as our scales and blood pressure monitors. By integrating your application with iHealth, data will travel from the product to the iHealth cloud, and then to your application.


MyFitnessPal has created an API to enable talented developers like you to create great health and fitness apps, devices, and services exchanging data with MyFitnessPal to help our mutual users reach


CRM and cloud giant has created the Salesforce Wear Developer Kit, a collection of open-source resources designed to help the company's 2.8 million developers design and build applications to connect the Salesforce platform with a variety of popular wearable devices. You can integrate the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear 2, Android Wear, and many more devices.

Samsung Digital Health

The S Health Service SDK is designed for easy development of various health applications in android operation system. Through the SDK, developers can share and use the health information of the health applications in the Samsung Electronics health ecosystems.

Note: This is just one of 4 developer platforms Samsung offers for digital health developers. Download the complete list to access the other three.

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