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Submission Guidelines

  1. We publish original content on our site, so please do not submit materials that have been published or which have been submitted to other sites. Occasionally, we do publish a post that has already been published elsewhere, along with the necessary attribution and permissions. Please specifically indicate if you are suggesting content that is being republished.
  2. Your post should not be too general, and there should be a “digital health angle”.
  3. Be concise. Blogs should be concise and easily readable. Posts should be between 600 to 1,000 words. The maximum length we will consider is 2,000 words.
  4. Submissions should not be a PR piece for a company or product. No press releases, please.
  5. Attribution and links: Rather than use endnotes, please highlight relevant text and link directly to references. These should be the full, direct links to the resources referenced, i.e. they should not be shortened links or redirects. If you do not know how to add hyperlinks, please indicate the URL of the website in parentheses at the end of the sentence or word where you’d like the link.
  6. Use headers and bulleted/numbered lists to make your article easier to read and scan for key messages. It helps to combine key items of a similar type into lists. This also helps guide the reader to ensure they see the relevant points.
  7. Front load your message. Put the most important information in the opening paragraphs to deliver the main points quickly. Deeper explanations and supporting materials can be provided in subsequent paragraphs.
  8. Before publishing, we will send your post back to you to make sure our edits have not changed the meaning of the content.
  9. We will also send you any questions we may have after reviewing the submission.
  10. When submitting your article please provide a short narrative biography which can be inserted at the bottom of the blog post.  Please also provide a photo of the author if available, minimum 200x200 pixel resolution, and social media links to the author including Twitter and LinkedIn.

Review time

We strive to provide prompt reviews of newsworthy and time-sensitive posts. Due to the volume of posts we receive, it can sometimes take a few weeks for submission to publication. To have the maximum exposure, we also try to incorporate submissions when we have a relevant topic covered in our podcasts or in our content calendar.

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